Oval Plaza

An open space with a vast lawn located in the center of Toranomon Hills

The Oval Plaza, an outdoor grassy space located in the center of Toranomon Hills, can be used for car exhibits, press events, and various other promotional activities.

Basic usage hours 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
※Performances and work that produce sounds are limited to 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Basic usage fee Weekdays JPY 800,000/day
Special usage fee
※This fee will arise in the case that preparation, event itself, and removal cannot be done entirely within the basic usage hours.
Weekdays JPY 400,000/day
Overtime extension 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., 9 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Overtime extension fee Weekdays JPY 50,000/hour
    • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice, so please contact the respective facility representatives for the latest information.
    • All the above amounts are exclusive of consumption tax.
    • Basic usage hours include time for preparation and clean-up (except loading/unloading).
    • Regarding the event development, please confirm the process up to the event execution and the sales materials, and finalize the relevant matters with the facility representative in advance.
Size 450㎡
Reference capacity
Ceiling height 20.5m~24m
Power panel for events
Water supply and drainage
Load capacity 300kg/㎡


The process up to event execution
01 Content Review

We review the organizer and the event details.

02 Application

Only fixed reservations are accepted, tentative reservations can not be accepted. Please fill in the required items on the application form made available by the venue and submit it to the person in charge at Mori Building. Upon receipt and review of the application form, a formal decision will be provided, and a contract can be concluded.

03 Payment of reservation fee

Please deposit the reservation fee (50% of the venue basic usage fee) to the bank account designated by the venue within one week after submitting the application form.

04 Balance Payment

Please deposit the balance (50% of the venue basic usage fee) at least one week before the date of use.

05 Meetings Prior To Use

(1)Please hold a detailed meeting with the venue manager about the schedule, program, venue setup, equipment, etc. at least 15 days before use.

(2) When using the venue, if there is art construction planned for the venue, please confirm the construction drawings, preparation drawings, electrical drawings, etc. with the venue manager in advance.

(3)Depending on the content of the event, we may decline use of the venue, so please discuss the plans in detail in advance with the venue manager.

(4)If special security or cleaning is required, it may need to be borne by the client, so please consult with the venue manager in advance.

06 Event Execution


07 Settlement of Various Expenses

For overtime usage fees, we will issue a final invoice calculated after use of the venue. Please deposit the funds to the designated bank account within one month after receiving the invoice.

※The transfer fee will be borne by the client.