Toranomon Hills Business Tower – Art Board

Street media located at bus terminals for airport limousine buses and Tokyo BRT that connects the city center and the coastal area

Impressive and dynamic creative works can be displayed at the city center-side departure and arrival points of the Tokyo BRT, which connects the city center with the coastal area, and at the bus terminal for airport limousine buses.

Media Name Description Placement period Fee
Toranomon Hills Business Tower – Art Board 2 weeks JPY 2,000,000
    • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice, so please contact the respective representatives for the latest information.
    • All the above amounts are exclusive of consumption tax.
    • Basic schedule: Sunday late night installation/Sunday late night removal(Basic schedule: Monday late night installation/Sunday late night removal)
    • The above fees do not include ad/material production or installation/removal costs.
    • In principle, we will not coordinate the competition between advertisers placing media in the surrounding areas.
    • Graphic designs and video materials are subject to a pre-check and approval process before installation/exposure.
    • Production/processing of advertising materials for various media must be handled by a production company designated by the management.
    • Conditions apply for ad placement. Please contact the representative for details.
    • Permanently illuminated (24 hours a day).However, lighting may be suspended for facility management reasons.
    • Visibility of the ad design may be affected by characteristics of the bus terminal facility.
● Toranomon Hills Business Tower – Art Board
Media FF sheet, LED backlit
Location Toranomon Hills Business Tower 1F – Bus terminal (wall side)
Size W1,356 mm x H2,000 mm x 15 sites