Metro Hat Outer Rim

Large-scale advertising banners at the gateway to the town serving as the iconic media of Roppongi Hills

These large-scale advertising banners displayed at the gateway to the town are the iconic media of Roppongi Hills. The ad space is over 300 ㎡, capturing the attention of not only the Hills visitors but also passers-by and traffic traveling on Roppongi-dori Ave. and the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. Their overwhelming impact on the city can generate buzz and valuable publicity.


Media Name Placement period Fee
Metro Hat Outer rim 7 days (including 1 day of installation) JPY 5,000,000
    • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice, so please contact the designated advertising agency for the latest information.
    • All the above amounts are exclusive of consumption tax.
    • Basic schedule: Monday late night installation/Sunday late night removal
    • The above fees do not include ad/material production or installation/removal costs.
    • In principle, we will not coordinate the competition between advertisers placing media in the surrounding areas.
    • Graphic designs and video materials are subject to a pre-check and approval process before installation/exposure.
    • Production/processing of advertising materials for various media must be handled by a production company designated by the management.
    • Conditions apply for ad placement. Please contact the representative for details.


● Metro Hat Outer Rim
Media Sheet (affixed)
Location Metro Hat outer rim wall (facing Roppongi-dori Ave.)
Size H13.05 m x W34.95 m (max) 


Regarding the application process

Please submit an application through a designated agent.

For the media of Roppongi Hills, a designated advertising agency system is in place. In principle, applications from non-designated agents shall not be accepted.

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