Waterscape/Canopy Pillars

Large-scale advertising media with flowing water located at 66 Plaza, a popular rendezvous spot

The escalator from Metro Hat, the gateway to Roppongi Hills, takes visitors to 66 Plaza, a popular rendezvous spot. With its high visibility, the unique “waterscape” and canopy media in the relaxing green space with its iconic spider objet d’art captures the attention of not only the Roppongi Hills visitors, but also the businesspeople going to Mori Tower.


Media Name Placement period Fee
Waterscape/Canopy Pillars Waterscape A or C 7 days (including 1 day of installation) JPY 5,000,000
    • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice, so please contact the designated advertising agency for the latest information.
    • All the above amounts are exclusive of consumption tax.
    • Basic schedule: Monday late night installation/Sunday late night removal
    • The above fees do not include ad/material production or installation/removal costs.
    • In principle, we will not coordinate the competition between advertisers placing media in the surrounding areas.
    • Graphic designs and video materials are subject to a pre-check and approval process before installation/exposure.
    • Production/processing of advertising materials for various media must be handled by a production company designated by the management.
    • Conditions apply for ad placement. Please contact the representative for details.
    • Canopy pillar media is included in the waterscape media fee.
    • There are cases when the water is stopped due to weather. (Water flowing time: 8:15 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; lighting is on until 12 a.m.)


● Waterscapes
Media Sheet (affixed to glass surface)
Location 66 Plaza periphery
Size Waterscape A: H3,085 x W14,860 mm
Waterscape C: H3,085 x W14,620 mm
Notes Lighting: upper lights
(usually water falls from above creating the unique waterscape)
● Canopy Pillars
Media Sheet (affixed)
Location 66 Plaza periphery
Size Pillars: 15 Media surfaces: 30
Upper width 575/Lower width 785/Height 1,305mm
Notes Sheet applied to canopy pillar surface


Regarding the application process

Please submit an application through a designated agent.

For the media of Roppongi Hills, a designated advertising agency system is in place. In principle, applications from non-designated agents shall not be accepted.

  Mori Building Co., Ltd.