Toranomon Underground Walkway – Digital Signage

Digital signage that visually appeals to pedestrians who pass through the Toranomon underground walkway, which is the main passage to Toranomon Hills

Advertising videos can be broadcasted on a large-size display installed at the front entrance of Toranomon Hills Business Tower facing the Toranomon underground pedestrian walkway. It is also possible to occupy the entire space for advertising by using it in conjunction with the walls along the underground passage, and give an additional impact by broadcasting videos.

Media Name Description Placement period Fee
Toranomon Underground Walkway
– Digital Signage
Use of an advertising spot (15 sec. x 20/hour) 2 weeks JPY 200,000
Purchased entirely by one company 2 weeks JPY 1,200,000
    • Fees may be subject to change without advance notice, so please contact  the respective representatives for the latest information.
    • All the above amounts are exclusive of consumption tax.
    • Placement of competitors’ advertisements in the frame before/after and in the surrounding areas will not be adjusted.
    • Graphic designs and video materials are subject to a pre-check and approval process before installation/exposure.
    • Operating hours for the underground pedestrian walkway is from the first to the last train on the Tokyo Metro.
    • There is no audio output.
    • In case of emergency, media may be replaced with information guide by Mori Building.
    • Broadcasting starts from Monday without exception.
● Toranomon Underground Walkway – Digital Signage
Media Video (without audio)
Location Toranomon Underground Walkway – Business Tower North side entrance
Size 110-inch W2,423 mm × H1,364 mm
Aspect ratio 16:9
Display time All-day (24 hours)
Exposure period 2 weeks use of advertising spot for 1 frame: 15 sec. x 20/hour (max 12 frames)